The HCG Diet Program

K. Andrew Shepherd, DC at Parker Wellness Centers is a Dallas HCG Injections Specialist that offers customized weight loss programs to men and women struggling with obesity. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. It is a hormone that is produced in large quantities in pregnancy. Both men and women have male and female hormones, so the HCG Diet program is also successful for men.

HCG is responsible for making the abnormal fat reserves of the body available to be burned as fuel. In pregnancy, it is used to protect the nutritional health of the growing baby; however, in conjunction with this program, it is used to rid the body of the abnormal fat deposits. Rest assured that the HCG helps to stave off any hunger pangs that a restricted diet may cause. With the introduction of HCG, thousands of extra calories begin to flood the system from the abnormal fat being metabolized. For this reason, HCG diets are easier to stick to than a traditional healthy diet that simply restricts calories. When a program is easy to stick to, success is often the end result.

Dr Simeon’s Plan for Success:

Dr. Simeon’s research in the 1950’s concluded that there are 3 different types of fat stored in the body, which include:

  • Structural or visceral fat that is in and around muscles, cushioning organs, padding of bottoms of feet, and providing protection to the body
  • Normal or dermal fat, which is directly under the skin’s surface and provides the soft cushioning between the skin and frame of the body
  • Abnormal fat, which is under the dermal fat and not available for use by the metabolism until the other two kinds of fat are reduced

Abnormal fat can be viewed as famine fat, and it is stored in the body for emergency famine. Yo-yo dieting contributes to the storage of this type of fat because the body begins to question the availability of food. When calories are restricted, the body stores all the fat it can to save up for the lean times.

HCG Versus Most Calorie Reduction Diets

Doctor A.T.W. Simeon’s research produced a plan that results in an average weight loss of 0.5 to 2 pounds a day of abnormal fat when accompanied by a very low calorie diet. Most calorie reduction diets will not produce the best results for those individuals with an abundance of abnormal fat stores because their bodies will begin by burning the wrong kind of fat. When a low caloric diet is introduced to the system, the normal reserves of fat are used up first. As a result, most people look gaunt and drawn after a reduced caloric diet. The normal reserves of fat have been reduced; however, the abnormal fat remains intact. Without using HCG in a reduced caloric diet plan, the body will burn structural and normal fat.

HCG works to release the abnormal fat stores and makes them available to be used as fuel. By following the protocol precisely, the body will burn the abnormal fat, while preserving muscle, normal fat, and structural fat.

Resetting the Hypothalamus

The hypothalamus is located just above the brain stem. It is known as the master gland and is a supervising center in the brain that links the body’s two control systems, which include the nervous system and the endocrine system.

The hypothalamus controls body temperature, hunger, thirst, blood pressure, heartbeat, gastric reflexes, maternal behavior, immune responses, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. The hypothalamus is responsible for the control of food intake.

It may sound amazing, but it is the hypothalamus’ job to make the body salivate for an apple, rather than a piece of chocolate cake. If the hypothalamus is working normally, then a person will be more inclined to crave a nutritionally, well balanced diet! Food that is void of the nutrition needed will not have the same pull or crave-producing impact. That is why some people can have one bite of their chocolate cake, push it to the side, and feel it was enough.

The hypothalamus is much like peripheral vision. When driving on the highway, even though the driver may not always be looking straight ahead, his peripheral vision assists him in making the tiny adjustments in steering to keep the car in between the lines on the road. The hypothalamus, when functioning normally, works in the same way. It assists the body by steering the appetite and promoting more effective metabolism to keep the body at a certain weight, or set point, just like the lines on the highway.

For those who have a hypothalamus that is not functioning properly, it is like their peripheral vision has become distorted. The lines on the highway, so to speak, become wider and wider, or not visible at all. The body’s hunger becomes more and more intense; more food is craved and eaten, while more fat is consumed and stored. Now, the body’s set point has risen on the scale to a new high and isn’t coming down. Using Doctor Simeon’s plan, it is now possible to lower the body’s set point and retrain the hypothalamus to make the necessary adjustments to keep it there.

K. Andrew Shepherd, DC at Parker Wellness Centers is a Dallas HCG Diet Specialist that has helped countless men and women to achieve their weight loss goals and overcome their weight loss challenges. Before beginning an HCG Diet program, K. Andrew Shepherd, DC will assess the patient’s current health, medical history, dietary habits, and weight loss obstacles. He will then tailor a plan that sets patients up for weight loss success. Using comprehensive HCG Diet plans, patients can safely and effectively lose weight. K. Andrew Shepherd, DC has helped numerous men and women in Plano, Texas to lose weight with a personalized HCG Diet program.

To learn more about obtaining a personalized HCG Diet program, contact Dallas HCG Diet Specialist, K. Andrew Shepherd, DC at Parker Wellness Centers clinic today to schedule a free consultation!